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Leo Forde Water Services

Water Conditioning Services Since 1988.

Leo Forde Water Services was formed in 1988 to provide a comprehensive water conditioning service to the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors in Ireland.

We have grown every year since and now have established partnerships with world class leading manufacturers bringing the latest sustainable water solutions to clients.

In 2004 the company purchased a new business premises in Dunshaughlin Business Park and are proud of our state of the art offices, stores and workshop facilities.

We are involved in all aspects of domestic and industrial water purification – water softeners, coolers, iron-filters, ultra violet sterilisers, de-ionisers, calcium treatment units, colour, taste and odour removal. In order to provide a turnkey service we also supply a complete range of pumping equipment from world class manufacturer ZDS.

Our domestic business – The Water Warehouse, is a leading provider of household water treatment solutions.

Our commercial business – The Waterstore, now has a large client base with clients such as… as Diageo, Celtic Pure, Glanbia plc, Coca Cola, Meath County Council, Bru Brewery, Liberty Insurance, Tattersalls, Thermo King Europe among others… We have successfully completed many daunting projects with client companies who we are proud to partner with.

We are involved with customers from initial consultancy, right through to specification, supply, installation and commissioning and offer ongoing maintenance contracts on our equipment together with that of some other manufacturers.

Since our formation we have sourced quality water conditioning components from around the world and manufacture equipment in our own 2,000 sq. ft. workshop.

We now have almost forty five years combined experience in the water conditioning business and have retained many of our customers since the company’s inception through dedicated service and attention to their requirements.

‘Just some of our long standing clients;


Coca Cola
Ballina Beverages
Bru company
meath county council
Water Wipes
Irish Water


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Water Softening

Domestic & Commercial implications


Hard water is water that contains a higher content of minerals. This type of water is formed due to water percolating through limestone or chalk deposits that are mostly made from magnesium carbonates and calcium. The most common indicator of hard water is a residue in the bottom of your kettle or limescale in your shower head or around your taps.

Soft water, on the other hand, contains low concentrations of calcium carbonates or limescale deposits. If your water lathers easily with soap, that’s a relatively good indication that your water is soft.

The quality of mains drinking water in Ireland continually makes the news – tap water varies is terms of taste, colour and odour. There are also commercial implications for any industrial and plant machinery using steam or water in terms of performance and maintenance…


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Commercial Water Services

Commercial & Industrial Water Softening


Softening water provides important water-quality, financial and operational benefits.
We provide an extensive range of water softeners for all commercial and industrial uses.

Typical Users of Water Softening Equipment are;
Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Food and Drink Processing Plants.





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