Domestic Water Services

Domestic Water Services

The quality of mains

Domestic Water Services

The quality of mains drinking is receiving continual attention in the media. Water suppliers are now accepting that the quality of water at the domestic tap can vary in terms of colour, taste and odour. This can bring into question the basic enjoyment of drinking a glass of water. So much so, that many people are now turning to bottled water rather than drinking their normal household supplies. This can be an expensive alternative.

An Activated Carbon drinking water cartridge is a proven method of treating drinking water. It acts simply and silently to

  • Remove the Medicinal Taste of Chlorine.
  • Enhance and freshen the taste.
  • Eliminate odour.
  • Remove the sediment and rust which discolours the water.

The result? Clear water with a sparkling appearance: fresh tasting and sweet smelling, which retains all of it’s minerals.

When compared to the cost of buying bottled water, a home drinking water filter represents a real investment.

It can pay for itself many times over, recouping the initial outlay after just a few weeks.


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